In this reality, the Legacy Virus became one of the biggest Plague their world had ever seen, almost wiping most of the Earth population, humans and mutants equally. When Cypher caught the Virus, Warlock merged their bioforms trying save Cypher's life, which he did. Unfortunately, as a side effect, the Virus mutated and became a new non fatal disease, which attacked humans and mutants equally.

Most of the victims became techno-organic zombies, hungry and confused, hunting down living beings to absorb their life force; but the most powerful superbeings on the planet maintained their intellect enslaved by their hunger and basic instincts, all of them called the Vi-Locks.

Rachel Summers was a remaining member of the Avengers, the surviving superhero group.

The reality hoppers known as the Exiles´ mission in this reality was rescuing Doug Ramsey, because he was supposed to be the cure for the plague, who was being kept safe in stasis by the Vi-Locks. Being really outmatched and Doug destroyed with no hope of surviving, Morph suggested Rachel to use her psychic powers to contact Thor and the Asgardians as one last try to fight the Vi-Locks, which she did successfully. Surprisingly for everybody, the Asgardian blood was strong enough to fight the virus and could be used as an antidote, so this reality was finally saved.[citation needed]


Rachel seemed to be able to perform some sort of sorcery.

She showed no sign of having the powers of Rachel Summers (Earth-811). Given the statement of the original Rachel Summers that there aren't alternative versions of Rachel Summers from different realities (save from Rachel Summers (Earth-58163), who is the same person in a modified version of the 616 universe), it's likely that this Rachel Summers, though having the same name and bearing a vague resemblance to the mainstream character, isn't an alternative version of her, but rather another member of the same family, who has casually been given the same name.

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