During the initial Demon invasion by N'Astirh, Phoenix was captured by the Demon's and turned into a a mannequin. She remained trapped in this form when the full demon invasion by S'ym and was finally freed when Doctor Strange sensed her enormous power and restored her form. He realized that the Phoenix Force could be used to purge the planet of demons. S'ym eventually found the remaining heroes and attempted to attack them, but was held back long enough for Doctor Strange to help Rachel Summers to call the Phoenix Force to Earth. Madelyne and Rachel fought for control of the Phoenix Force with Madelyne betraying S'ym so she could rule the world. Meanwhile, fighting with the others continued with Baron Mordo seemingly switching sides until S'ym was weakend enough for Mordo to strike a killing blow. However, enough of his spirit survived to possession the adamantium skeleton of the recently deceased Wolverine and used it to killed Pryor, allowing Rachel to take control of the the Phoenix Force and incinerated S'ym completely. The Phoenix Force then spread out and purged the planet of demons and returned it a primordial state and was present when Alicia Masters gave birth to her son.[1]


Seemingly those of Rachel Summers of Earth-811.

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