Rachel Sutter was the wife and secretary for Dr. Martin Sutter who was the head of the Facility project that created X-23. She was having an affair with Dr. Zander Rice,[1] which led to her having a child. Rachel told Martin that Henry was his at the request of Zander,[2] who threatened to kill her if she told her husband the truth.[3]

Using the pretense of being worried about the effects of the stress on Dr. Sutter's health, Zander convinced him to sign the project over to him. After Dr. Sutter signed it and went home, Zander gave X-23 the orders to kill him, his wife, and his son, but to make it look like an accidental fire.[4]

While Zander was giving his orders to X-23, inside the house Rachel was confessing her affair to Martin. He became very angry, but before he could do much X-23 crashed through the window and killed them both.[5]

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