Rachel Sweet was a Dire Wraith scientist that had infiltrated a secret U.S. military installation known as Project Safeguard. With her fellow Dire Wraith scientist Doctor Daedalus, the two worked at attempting to use the captured armor of the Spaceknight Firefall. Unable to merge their physicality to the Galadorian armor, they proceeded to dupe an Earthling named Archie Stryker into donning the armor and confronting Rom. [1]

Upon capturing both Stryker and Rom, the Most High One ordered Sweet to execute both. Rom broke free of his restraints when Stryker used the Living Flame of Galador to slay Doctor Daedalus and subdue Sweet. Stryker then sacrificed his life to free Rom's Neutralizer just before the human military force broke into the lab. Rom chose to use his Neutralizer to banish Rachel Sweet to Limbo which appeared to the humans as if he had killed her.[2]


Has all the attributes and abilities of a Dire Wraith

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