After Vlad Dracula killed her parents and gave her a scar across her forehead, Rachel was raised by Quincy Harker, who taught her to hunt and kill vampires[2]. She saved Taj Nital from an attack by vampires led by Dracula. Even though the attack left him a mute and his son infected by vampirism, Taj then joined Rachel in her quest[4]. Rachel was held hostage by two of Dracula's brides and phoned Quincy Harker who was on the verge of killing Dracula and told him to leave Dracula alone or Rachel would die. Harker agreed to the brides' demands, much to Rachel's frustration. The brides then let Rachel go.[5] She later fought alongside Quincy, Taj, Frank Drake and Blade, during which time she developed an uneasy romantic relationship with Drake.[citation needed] She eventually became a vampire herself. Rather than suffer the shame of being something she once hunted, she allowed Wolverine to mercy kill her.[6]

Power Grid [8]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Lower stats pre-vampire


Typical abilities of a human vampire

Strength level

Enhanced strength


Typical weaknesses of a human vampire



Tomb of Dracula #20 mentions that she had a brother who had died some time before her parents were murdered by Dracula.

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