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Rachna Koul was an expert in imperiumology, a branch of biology which focuses on superpowered individuals. From her base of operations in Jack Pine, Wyoming, Koul helped superhumans fix any issues they could have with their powers, at a costy price.[1] All of Rachna's work was ultimately devoted towards the search for a cure for her sister Disha,[2] who was in a vegetative state.[3]

One of Rachna's clients was Hercules, who introduced The Thing and the Human Torch to her, since they were looking to solve the diminution of the latter's powers. They approached her while she was treating Hydro-Man. This prompted him to lash out under the wrong impression that his entire business with Koul had been a trap. Rachna stopped him and had him leave. Rachna initially refused to assist the Human Torch out of charity, but she agreed on the condition to join the heroes' journey through the Multiverse on the search for Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman using the Multisect.[1]

While pretending she had honed the Multisect to Reed and Sue's specific signature of cosmic radiation,[2] Rachna guided The Thing and the Human Torch through different universes in the search for alternate counterparts of Disha who were brain dead, so she could overwrite their brains with the mind of the original Disha. On their first stop, the travellers were joined by Victor von Doom.[4] After visiting several universes looking for a compatible version of Disha, Rachna saw herself forced to reveal her true motives and that she was misleading the heroes, and escaped with the Multisect.[3]

Once Rachna returned home, she found that her lab was being raided by the Mad Thinker as part of his plan to supplant the Fantastic Four with a new team of his invention. He stole the Multisect from her, preventing Rachna from using it to return to the Human Torch and The Thing. Shortly afterwards, she was visited by the Mole Man for her services, but Rachna had decided to give up on her profession and turned him away.

The Mole Man swore to find a way to force Rachna hand, so he employed robots to attack Manhattan, causing a distraction while he snuck into the hospital where Disha's condition was being monitored. Since then, the Human Torch and The Thing had returned home and reunited with Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman. When Mole Man attacked, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman happened to observe the attack and intervened. On their way to help, The Thing and Mister Fantastic spotted Mole Man heading to the hospital. They followed him, and stopped him from threatening Disha's well-being. After Rachna explained her situation and apologized, Mister Fantastic started using his equipment to try to help Disha.[5]



Artificial Hand: Koul's right hand was replaced with a zeoparticle-enhanced prosthetic capable of shapeshifting.[6]


  • The range of cost of Koul fixing a client was usually between $250,000 and $750,000.[1]
  • Pioneer of Godpower particle theory.[7]

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