A young criminal in a hazmat suit, the Radioactive Kid joined a rejuvenated Young Masters.[1] He accompanied the team to their new headquarters, an abandoned Hydra base in Pennsylvania, and then helped them inspect the corpse of Bullseye, before the team were attacked by Lady Bullseye.[2]

Radioactive Kid was believed to be dead after the battle in Latveria against the Teen Brigade[3], however he somehow survived and later was recruited by Constrictor to form part of his new iteration of Young Masters in Bagalia.[4]


  • Radioactive Kid has demonstrated the ability to melt and mutate human flesh with a touch.
  • His very flesh glows, and his eyes glow visibly through the visor of his suit.


  • The Kid requires the suit to interact with the world with any modicum of normalcy.


  • A uniform which resembles a hazmat suit, which keeps his powers contained.
  • Radiactive Kid has no connection to the Radioactive Man. In fact, he regards his predecessor as a sellout.
  • Radioactive Kid used his powers to kill his father.

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