Quote1 Attention vessel. Cut your engines and stand to. You are hereby detained on the authority of Nova Corps Centurion Rael Rider. Let's not make an issue out of this. Quote2
-- Nova

Rael Rider is a member of the Xandarian Nova Corps. Being in service as a Centurion for over 2 centuries, Rael traveled the galaxy with the Worldmind, but she spent most times in solitude due to the Worldmind conserving it's energies to focus on a certain problem.

Rael Rider (Earth-691) from Guardians 3000 Vol 1 3 001

Rael speaking with the Worldmind

After awhile it came out of hibernation and woke Rael up to inform her that even though it hasn't found the cause or a solution to the erosion of time but it came upon a new lead, that of a human by the name of Geena Drake, who's tachyon profile shows that she is temporally aware and is also sensitive to the time erosion. Rael had the Worldmind download 2 percent of it's energies into her Nova helmet so she could locate Geena and protect her from any threats.[1]

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