After the death of his father, Rafael Vega began training under Mr. Mack's guidance. His mother secretly approved of the training, because Mr. Mack helped chase the punks that killed Mr. Vega, and got her get a job.[1]

When the time came, Mr. Mack gathered all his pupils and formed the Wolfpack to battle the The Nine and their forces in South Bronx, in New York.[1]

None of the members had experience in team work, but after the death of Mr. Mack and the imprisonment of Samuel Weltschmerz (one of their teammates and Mr. Mack's oldest student), they got together and won their first victory against the The Nine.[1]

After the reappearance of Apollo, a former crime-lord, now member of The Nine, Rafael finally discovered the true identity of his father. A showdown following this discovery forced Vega to take his father's life in order to protect Slippery Sam . This act brought Vega an inheritance from Apollo of holdings in Bedlam Co., a front company of The Nine, making Vega an official member of the evil organization.[2]

This inheritance temporarily estranged Vega from the group, but he rejoined in time to stop an insanely sociopathic youth known as Christian, who had pressed several crack-addicted youngsters into his gang with the purpose of making the South Bronx their own. During one of their confrontations, Christian shot Sam, successfully killing him. He was acquitted of all charges, but the Wolfpack met with him and killed him in revenge.[3]

After the Civil War, he was listed as a sympathizer to the Superhuman Registration Act.[4]


Rafael is a skilled martial artist.[1]

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