Rafe Michel was a militant activist in Harlem. He was very concerned about equal rights for African Americans in the community. His views often put him conflict with the more moderate Falcon. Rafe further complicated the dynamic with the Falcon by having a relationship with the Falcon's romantic interest Leila Taylor. Despite their differences, Rafe and a group of concerned citizens helped rescue the Falcon when he was kidnapped and beaten by Captain America IV (50's Cap) and Jack Monroe [1]. However, the Falcon and Rafe soon quarreled again over Leila. A frustrated Michel assembled his gang the "Silver Skulls" to beat the Falcon. However, the Falcon was able to defeat the gang, and Michel soon lost his prominence in the Harlem Community.

Later, Rafe Michel was exposed to the ionic energy of Lucifer. Lucifer could not contain his energy in Earth's dimension in one human body and placed a portion of his essence in Rafe while placng another part in the second Aries. The two Lucifers soon came into conflict with Steve Rogers and the Falcon. Eventually, the energy from Lucifer could not be contained in Rafe Michel's body and he perished.[2]






Rafe likes knives.

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