Raggadorr was apparently the ruler of Raggadorr, though the Rings of Raggadorr may be sentient.

Raggadorr, his realm, or his rings were invoked by Doctor Strange for years, before Strange cast the Emancipation Incantation, divesting himself of most of his power and all his past debts.[5]

He participated in the Wager of the Octessence, empowering Stonecutter as his avatar.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Immortality; vast magical powers at their peak in his extradimensional realm.

  • Manifestation of Deity Power: The creation of objects, especially barriers, using the blue Rings of Raggadorr to shield his worshipers, bind their enemies, or negate the powers of superhumans.


  • Spells Invoking Raggadorr: (Seven/Roving) Rings of Raggadorr, Rain of Raggadorr, Ribbons of Raggadorr


Dependent on mystic worshipers and/or evokers



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