Raggadorr was invoked by Doctor Strange for years before Strange cast the Emancipation Incantation, divesting himself of most of his power and all his past debts.[4]

He participated in the Wager of the Octessence, empowering Stonecutter as his avatar.[5]


Immortality; vast magical powers at their peak in his extradimensional realm.

  • Manifestation of Deity Power: The creation of objects, especially barriers, using the blue Rings of Raggadorr to shield his worshipers, bind their enemies, or negate the powers of superhumans.


  • Spells Invoking Raggadorr: (Seven/Roving) Rings of Raggadorr, Rain of Raggadorr, Ribbons of Raggadorr


Dependent on mystic worshipers and/or evokers


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