Quote1.png In the name of Raggadorr, scourge of demons, I command you begone. Quote2.png
-- The Raggadorr plea


In Earth-96173, Raggadorr, scourge of demons, is an extradimensional mystical being that opposes evil magical creatures and provides power to well-meaning wizards who utter its name. A specific plea to Raggadorr was used to repulse some foul fiends, but such imploration had to be carefully said word by word.

Sorcerer Supreme Thomas Lindmer knew this spell and taught it to Stephen Strange before sending him in a quest to the astral plane; Lindmer feared that the untrained Strange would have to face the hostile inhabitants of the plane, but knew that Raggadorr's name would keep them at bay. Indeed, Strange was opposed by the riding monster Balzaroth, but Strange used Raggadorr's name and Balzaroth was forced to retreat.

Later, when facing the powerful witch Morgan le Fay, Strange tried Raggadorr's spell once again (especially as he knew no other incantation). However, Le Fay was so powerful that she withstood this magic, laughing at Strange's poor attempt.[1]


  • The sheer name of Raggadorr has enough power to repel demons such as Balzaroth, one of the dangerous dwellers of the dimensions called astral planes.


  • Raggadorr's name is useless against a witch as powerful as Morgan le Fay.
  • In the movie Dr. Strange, Raggadorr is never seen but is mentioned thrice: Lindmer utters the name of Raggadorr when teaching the spell to Strange (and then asks Strange to repeat the spell, word by word); Strange then uses the spell to successfully defeat Balzaroth; and lastly, Strange tries the spell against Morgan le Fay.

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