The rightful queen of the land of Gesham. Rain's ancestors became the ruling family by bonding themselves with the wild magic of the kingdom (which manifested itself as a bestial humanoid). However, when Rain was born, there was a prophecy that she would be devoured by The Beast. Out of fear, Rain repressed her inherent magic, leading to imbalance in the land. Nevertheless, she had her life, marrying Douglas, her sweetheart.

When an evil wizard summoned James Howlett, a man from another world, and brainwashed him to kill Rain thinking he was The Beast, her court wizard, Charles, swapped her for her counterpart. As soon as the danger was past, she was swapped back.[1]

However, her repressed magic began expressing itself in waking nightmares and feral rages that the palace did their best to cover up. This was exacerbated by her husband being summoned off to war while she discovered she was pregnant with her first child. In this situation, the wild magic managed to break free, taking a new host, and carving a path across the kingdom to her.

Once again swapped for her counterpart, Rain met Charles Xavier, who recognized the root of her psychosis from his world, where mutants who repressed their powers sometimes lashed out at others. By making her realize that she had to come to terms with the Beast, Xavier helped her unify the two sides of her fractured psyche, showing her the truth: the prophecy had been an allegory, and by being "devoured by the Beast", she had fully come into her power as the avatar of the wild magic. Teleporting home under her own power, she depowered the Great Beast, allowing him to be killed, and ruled her land justly.[2]


Seemingly those of Wolfsbane of Earth-616

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