Wolfsbane, is still associated with the X-Men as part of the Senior staff at the Xavier Institute. She has apparently taken on leadership duties to some extent, acting very much like Cyclops. During the attack on the x-mansion she was attempting, as best she could, to save as many lives of the students. During the pitch of the battle it is revealed that there is a bomb set and was going to decimate the school. Through Wolfsbane's effort she manages to gather almost all the remaining student there and save them. Unfortunately she would not. She would get caught in the explosion and lost her life. Before she died though she would call out to her longtime best friend through their psychic rapport ( Danielle Moonstar). Dani had been detained at Neverland Ranch on the blue side of the Moon. She was unable to go to the X-Men as the scientists, at Neverland, had a constant flow of drugs in her system. Rahne's cry for help during her death was so strong that it managed to pull Dani out of her fake coma. It was would be due these events that Dani would completely destroy Neverland Ranch and free all the mutants before she left to Asgard.


Seemingly those of Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)#Powers.

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