Little is known about Rainbow. She was one of the first generation Spaceknights that had returned to Galador prior to Rom's return and had been captured by Mentus and placed in stasis as a captive.

Rom was able to free her upon his return to Galador along with a number of other fellow Spaceknights and with their help defeat Mentus and his servant Terminator.

They were also able to subsequently prevent their homeworld from being devoured by Galactus by leading him to another world to consume. This was Wraithworld of the dreaded Dark Nebula that The Devourer or Worlds was unable to best. Galactus did keep his word and saved Galador by moving it in space to a location that was unknown to the Spaceknights. The stranded heroes then departed to their various assignments to continue their war against the Dire Wraiths.


Emotion manipulation




Galadorian Armor


Galadorian rocket pods as a part of the Spaceknight Armor

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