This tele-guided[1] surface-to-air projectile is deceptively small -thirty centimeters in diameter and only one and a half meters in length-[2] and required a missile launcher to shoot it. Whenever it impacted a target, it exploded with a multi-colored flash and apparently disintegrates the target.[1][2] This is a misconception: The target is suddenly shrunk in size. An impacted adult person suddenly becomes only seven to eight centimeters tall. Having become a Lilliputian, victims are considered to be no longer a threat;[3][2] however, while the victims' physical attributes were greatly reduced,[2] the material strenght of their posessions wass retained. While the shrinking process is permanent, it can be reverted from the missile control system by pressing a huge red button,[2][1] and if the victims are in close proximity.[2]

A camera in the missile's bow provides video streaming to the system console, with a range of up to five miles. Doctor Doom developed this technology and built at least one unit to protect Castle Doom in Latveria,[2] along with other defensive systems of the castle.[3]

At one point when Doom was believed dead, the Red Skull took over Castle Doom and managed to control Doom's technology. The Skull's enemy Captain America recruited Doom at the Latverian Embassy in New York City to confront the Skull. The Captain and Doom traveled to Latveria on a jet, but they were detected: The Skull first sent Heat-Seeking Drone Fighter Planes to intercept them and, when these failed, he sent the rainbow missile, which they were unable to dodge.[1] The missile destroyed their plane and reduced them.[3]

Doom however expected this and was relatively prepared. He led the Captain to Castle Doom through sewage ducts -that had never been thought to protect against such diminute intruders-, then they reached the throne room, where the Skull was meeting with several people including prospective ally the Sub-Mariner. The diminute Doom hurt the Skull's foot with a bolt from his gauntlet, announcing his presence. The Skull grabbed Doom in his hand, but then Doom convinced the Sub-Mariner to help him by promising to cure the Sub-Mariner's ill people. The Sub-Mariner agreed to press the button that Doom required. Doom and the Captain immediately grew to their original sizes and confronted the Skull.[3]

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