Rajah Sarput was a notorious game hunter from India who purchased land in the Belgian Congo for the purposes of satisfying his need to hunt. Sarput was not below hunting even the native population of the area. Sarput's activities attracted the attention of Ka-Zar who sought to stop him from harming the animals and people that lived in his jungle. During his initial attack, Ka-Zar was injured by a bullet and his "brother" Zar the lion was captured by Sarput. Sarput intended to nurse Zar back to health and then hunt the powerful lion down. However, the game hunter named Bradley sought to purchase the lion from Sarput so that he could bring it to an American zoo. Sarput refused, but Bradley stole the animal in the night. Learning this, Ka-Zar went after his companion.[1]

When Ka-Zar and Zar returned from the United States, they learned that Sarput was massacring the animals of the jungle in their absence. Ka-Zar once again clashed with Sarput but was forced to flee when he broke his knife against Sarput's bulletproof vest. Returning in the night, Ka-Zar and his animal allies stormed Sarput's castle. While Ka-Zar set the place ablaze, Trajah the elephant slew Sarput, crushing his body with his trunk.[2]


Sarput was a master hunter.


Sarput wore a bulletproof vest.


Sarput armed himself with hunting rifles and a pistol for his own personal protection

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