The Rajaks are a race of semi-humanoid aliens from the planet Rajak. A bunch of Rajak Space Pirates attacked Planet T-37X. Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by the Watchers where one of them teleported the Rajak Space Pirates to another planet.[1]

Ultimo wiped out the Rajaks that were on the planet Rajak causing the Rajaks that were off-world at the time to hunt down Ultimo.[2]


Habitat: Mountainous and temperate, with 71% covered by water
Gravity: 120% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 24% oxygen
Population: 3.7 billion


Type of Government: Confederacies of large space piracy organizations
Level of Technology: Advanced with interstellar starships with warp drive and highly advanced weaponry
Cultural Traits: Ruthless, no respect for other forms of life
Representatives: Osinga Rplss

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