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The wizard Raskos B’Quen discovered the slain Thaltar and the Cylinder of Power near his castle. The three warriors of Akah Ma'at tracked the Cylinder to Raskos' castle, but were captured and tortured for information. The three warriors, courageous to the last, die before revealing anything to the evil wizard. Raksos sent an army of giant-bug riders to attack Conan and Alhambra, and then, by spying on them via a crystal ball, he learned the nature and use of the Cylinder. As Alhambra and Conan discovered his castle and the bled and hung bodies of the three missing Akah Ma'at warriors, Raskos appeared and revealed that he tortured them for information on the Cylinder. He ordered his warriors to kill them. Before Alhambra could use her ring, she was shot by an arrow from behind. Confronting Conan, the wizard summoned a three headed dragon with a wave of his hand. Conan swiftly slayed the beast, but Raskos escaped behind a stoutly barred door.[1]

Raskos then rode a giant dragonfly to the floating city of Ur-Xanarrh, wishing to bargain the Cylinder of Power, but he was easily fooled and slain by Princess Lyzala.[2]

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