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Raleigh Lund was born to a prostitute who abandoned him at age three. He spent most of his life eating out of trash bins and then sleeping in them. It didn't bother him as he thought everyone lived that way. Dimwitted, obese, but generally kind, Lund was looked down upon by other children who mockingly called him Shape. He was bullied, physically abused and even repeatedly set on fire. Eventually Lund managed to get a job as a janitor which he enjoyed greatly as it allowed him the opportunity to sleep indoors. Lund was one of the many people who were affected by the nano-virus from Hyperion's spaceship and developed superhuman strength and invulnerability. Lund was recruited by General Alexander into a covert team consisting Emil Burbank, Arcanna Jones, and Nuke to capture Hyperion. During the assignment Lund serves as something of a foil to the more intelligent and apathetic Emil Burbank.

The Squadron Supreme confronted Earth-616's Cabal during an Incursion and perished in combat just before their Earth was destroyed, their sacrifice allowing the other Earth to live on.[1]



  • Shape-shifting: Shape can shift almost all of his bodily mass from one area of his malleable form to another, altering his physical shape at will, and allowing him to stretch and elongate his body. However, his mental impairment means he is not as imaginative at thinking up ways to use his power as he might otherwise be.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability: Shape is basically bulletproof and explosive can't harm him, he has been able to engage Hyperion and receive almost no damage.

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