Ralph Macchio was a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, the comic book company that produced official adaptations of the adventures of various super-heroes that lived in New York City during the Modern Age of Heroes. In his first recorded appearance he accompanied staffers George Perez and Mark Gruenwald to an art showing in SoHo that featured the works of Alicia Masters. The event was crashed by long time Fantastic Four foes the Terrible Trio. The three Marvel staffers were witnesses as the Trio were defeated by the Thing and the Impossible Man.[1] Later while on the road to the San Diego Comic Con, Macchio picked up the mutant singer known as Dazzler. Hearing of her troubles in Los Angeles, he loaned her money so she could stay afloat while on her sabbatical. Late for the convention the next day, Macchio dealt with the insanity of the event -with a crowd of his avid fans taking up all of his time- until the Con was crashed by the mutant soldier Zalme. Luckily for Macchio, the convention was saved by the arrival of Dazzler -who had come to return Macchio his money-, although after the excitement was over he had to call in to check on how the staff at Marvel Comics were coping without him, inadvertently quashing assistant editor Bob Harras bid to begin making editorial decisions.[2] Back at the office, Macchio and Harras consulted with Crystalium ruler Crystar on the plot direction of a comic book based on his adventures.[3]

Sometime later, Macchio met with fellow editors Bob Harras, Tom Brevoort to discuss ways to end a very unpopular Spider-Man story being adapted by Marvel Comics.[4] Macchio was later present when the Impossible Man crashed the Marvel Comics offices seeking out legendary writer Stan Lee. The Impossible Man was convinced to leave by Joe Quesada who informed the alien that Lee had relocated to Hollywood.[5]

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