Quote1 My name is Muerte -- DEATH! Quote2
-- Ramón García src

Early Life

Ramon Garcia (Earth-616)

Señor Suerte

As a young boy in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, Ramón García mastered playing the odds, and at a young age managed to score 100% on an intelligence test on luck alone. As an adult, Garcia would immigrate to the United States and eventually become the operator of an illegal gambling racked in the slums of New York City.[1]

Luke Cage

When one of his markers Frank Jenks threatened to squeal about Garcia's operation following heavy losses, García (now calling himself Señor Suerte) ordered Jenks's death. When Jenks is murdered at the Gem Theater, Luke Cage (who's office was in the upper level of the Gem at that time) became involved in the situation, although he would not learn of Suerte's involvement until much later. After being attacked by a number of Suerte's thugs, Suerte begins to believe that Luke Cage is getting too close to learning about his operations. Arming himself with a suit of armor that would randomly charge one of his hands with a lethal volt of electricity and calling himself Señor Muerte, Ramón decided to deal with Luke personally.[1]


However, failing to drown Luke, Muerte ended up battling Luke at his own hide out, trying to stop Luke with gambling themed traps. However, in a one on one fight, Ramón would meet his demise when his electrically charged hands came into contact with the chains of Luke's costume, electrocuting himself in the same way as he would his many victims.[2]


After Ramón's death, his younger brothers Phillip[3] and Jaime would take up the role of Señor Muerte and Señor Suerte respectively.[4]


He returned alive and well with no explanation. He was forced to commit crimes by Lady Caterpillar, who held his wife Rebecca hostage.[5]


Talented gambler, highly skilled in the use of knives, average hand-to-hand combatant using basic streetfighting techniques.[6]


  • Señor Muerte Suit: Ramón had a costumed equipped with a miniature roulette wheel on it's chest. Spinning the wheel would randomly charge one of his hands with a lethal jolt of electricity which would discharge on contact with any object.[6]


  • A private casino equipped with bobby-trapped devices, including a giant-roulette wheel, razor edged playing cards, poker chips and chain dice.[6]
  • He had access to an army of thugs armed with conventional weapons, and had a hide-out equipped with gambling themed traps, such as giant dice and a monster-sized roulette wheel.[6]

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