Ramonda was a South African that left her country searching for help to fight the Apartheid. During her walkabout, she stumbled upon the young Wakandan prince T'Challa, who had become lost while accompanying his father on border inspection. Ramonda reunited the boy with his father, King T'Chaka, and was offered refuge. Despite knowing that she had to return to South Africa, Ramonda stayed in Wakanda for the sake of T'Challa, who had lost his mother N'Yami when he was just a baby. Additionally, Ramonda and T'Chaka fell in love, and eventually married.[1] Not long afterwards, Ramonda gave birth to Princess Shuri.[2]

When T'Challa was a teenager, Ramonda was abducted during a protest by a white supremacist named Anton Pretorius. Pretorius made her disappear via paperwork/bureaucracy and brought her to his mansion, where he kept Ramonda hidden from the public and sexually abused her for years on end. T'Challa believed Ramonda left Wakanda to be with another man, but eventually found out the truth, and freed his surrogate mother and welcomed her back to Wakanda as the Queen Mother.[3]

During a terrorist attack on the Golden City perpetuated by suicide bombers on behalf of the rebellious force known as the People, Ramonda was gravely injured.[4] She was kept in a coma, having her legs broken and several vertebrae fractured. T'Challa expected her to suffer from paralysis once she awoke.[5] Ramonda would eventually wake up some time following the defeat of the People,[6] and recover to the point of being able to walk with a cane.[7]


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