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Ramone Watts owned a building on Venice Boulevard where she ran a surf shop in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and rented space to Kate Bishop for her Hawkeye Investigations Office.[1]

Before her mother, Zobae, died when she was fifteen, she left her Dora Milaje inventory in a Wakandan Bureau and left her children her vibranium jewelry box, which complemented her son Johnny's powers when he came of age. However, one of the rings proved too painful for Ramone to use, so it was shelved until a situation was certain for needing it.[2]

When M.O.D.O.K. unleashed kaiju on San Francisco, Ramone demanded her brother make it home safely and was rescued by America Chavez. With the city saved soon after, America and Ramone started dating and formed some romantic interest, even sharing emotional resonance about their feelings with their parents.[3]

After Johnny and America were captured by the The West Coast Masters, Quire and Gwenpool went to Ramone for help. After she explained her origins, Ramone, uncertain of the outcome, asked Gwenpool to kill her should the activation fail, and wore the biotech vibranium ring. After a successful activation, Ramone donned a living vibranium exo-armor, which she used to aid the WCA in their rescue from a death trap of Californian vampire cultists and overcome the Masters. Back at Hawkeye investigations, America and Ramone upgraded their dating status and kissed for the documentary film crew before America wrecked the camera.[4]

Sometime later, Ramone helped America and Kate stop a rampage of gigantic moles, and helped bring America back to their apartment. After America woke up after a knockout, she confided in Ramone of her powers short-circuiting before racing off to Washington Heights, NY.[5]


Ramone is a Cali girl at heart, but functioned as the responsible adult to guide her brother. She is also shown to have a strong sense of courage and justice as she willingly bound herself in permanent living vibranium armor to rescue America Chavez and her fellow WCA compatriots.

Ramone is also fiscally responsible, having managed and owned her own surf shop business on her own.



A living vibranium suit which can remold into various weaponry with a thought- including, but not limited to: spears, chains, whip-daggers, shields and swords.


  • Augmented durability by way of her vibranium armor.
  • Weaponcrafting by her suits ability to form vibranium weapons from its own physical material.


  • Ramone has the same weaknesses as a normal human such as poison or fatigue.
  • The larger her summoned weapon, the less surface area her armor has to cover to make the weapon.



Ramone's skin is fused with vibranium like a living suit of armor.[2]


Any weapon can be constructed by her armor into any shape and size.


  • Ramone was in a romantic relationship with America Chavez,[6] but after America's recent condition,[7] the pair broke up amicably.[8]

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