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Appearing in "The Other Side of Night!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lyissa (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Troll (Only appearance)[1]
  • Demon (Only appearance)[1]
  • Behemot aka Monster (Only appearance)[1]
  • Winged Demon Horde
  • Thaddeus Ross (Mentioned)


  • Earth-7711
    • Earth
      • Europe
        • France
        • Krylorian underground weapons testing base, somewhere in Europe
    • Chen K'an's planet (Only appearance; destruction)
      • Chen K'an's lair (Only appearance; destruction)
      • Tyroc, Citadel of Terror (Only appearance; destruction)


  • The Star of Catalax
  • The Divine Spinal Light
  • The Book of Eternity

Synopsis for "The Other Side of Night!"

In a distant galaxy, the mage Chen K'an recites an incantation over a mystical pool. Splashing water from the pool forms a puddle that, in turn, casts the reflections of Dr. Banner and Bereet. At that moment, Dr. Banner, Rick Jones and Bereet are in an underground cave in Europe where they've discovered a grand supply of Krylorian equipment that has apparently been abandoned for some time. Dr. Banner and Bereet speculate on the condition and purpose of this equipment when Banner is suddenly zapped away in a ball of energy. As it turns out, Banner has been transported to Chen K'an's castle.

Upon seeing Bruce Banner materialize, Chen K'an apologizes then explains that it's not Banner he wants, but rather "--the monster locked within." Chen K'an transforms Banner into his raging alter ego but quickly tires of the Hulk's threats to "smash," so he bestows upon the goliath just enough of Banner's mind to allow for a crude but moderate level of reasoning and craftiness. Chen K'an explains that he wants the Hulk's help in acquiring something called the Star of Catalax. K'an was once ruler of his planet, but it has become a diseased and chaotic land, and the Star is a source of great power.

Hulk is reluctant to help until Chen K'an explains that his world was once a magnificent place where its inhabitants spent their energies exploring gifts of the higher mind. The mage recounts how he was once attacked during a meditative spell by demons controlled by his enemy, a sorceress named Lyissa. The attack had, for a time, separated the mage's physical and astral forms. By the time Chen K'an had heeled himself, he found his world left in ruins. His own words condemn it as "--a land of savage barbarians, ravaged by mutations and unholy cannibals."

The Hulk agrees to help. Using monstrous leaps, he carries Chen K'an across the land toward Tyroc, Citadel of Terror, where resides Chen K'an's enemy, Lyissa. On the way, the pair is attacked by a horde of winged demons, which are dispatched by The Hulk easily enough. Next, Chen K'an observes a cannibal feeding upon a dead corpse. Disgusted by the sight, and reminded of how far his world has fallen; Chen K'an dispatches the cannibal.

But it's not long before the pair is attacked again by a larger and more formidable demon. The Hulk engages the creature in battle. Both tumble into a murky body of water; after a period of time, only the Hulk resurfaces.

In her own citadel, Lyissa pouts and postures until Chen K'an arrives with the Hulk. The mage demands that Lyissa surrender the Star of Catalax. The sorceress responds by opening a mystical doorway to a fearsome, dark dimension. A horde of vile creatures of every shape and size come pouring through. Fighting side-by-side, the Hulk and Chen K'an battle courageously against overwhelming odds until Chen K'an steps away, leaving Hulk to fight off all of Lyissa's forces while K'an directly engages Lyissa in battle. After a trying conflict, Chen K'an manages to banish the demons and their mistress. Having now gained the Star of Catalax, Chen K'an expresses his gratitude for the Hulk's help.

The Hulk asks how the Star will save the mage's fallen world. Chen K'an explains that nothing can save his world; because it has become a perversion of what it used to be, and no amount of magic can restore it to it's former glory. Chen K'an transports the protesting Hulk back to Earth and out of harm's way and then proceeds to use the Star of Catalax destroy his own planet. The planet endures various stages of physical upheaval before exploding into fragments.

The Hulk reappears somewhere in France, speaking out loud in his standard dim & brutish manner again. He claims to feel very sad, only he cannot remember why.

Appearing in "Return from Oblivion!"

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Synopsis for "Return from Oblivion!"

With the scientists kidnapped by Centurius evacuated from his island, Bloodstone, Iron Man and agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. flee just moments before said island self-destructs. As Iron Man parts company to report back to his "employer", Ulysses Bloodstone and his aid Brad Carter ponder the mysteries this latest battle has unearthed, particularly the death of Bloodstone's ancient enemy Ullyx'l at the hands of Centurius. However, they are soon on their way back to Bloodstone Island. As they approach Bloodstone's home they are attacked by the island's defense systems. Bloodstone has Brad blast a hole in one of the towers, allowing Ulysses access to the controls so he can shut them down. After investigating the facility, they learn that the defenses were activated by Samantha Eden, who was sought to protect herself from any potential invaders that might have struck during Bloodstone's absence.

Meanwhile, members of Interpol meet in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss Ulysses Bloodstone, his allies and his island. Questioning his motives, the head of the meeting tells his colleagues his plans on what they should do.

Back at Bloodstone Island, Ulysses has decided to ask Samantha to be his public relations co-orindator. He has made this decision because it is becoming increasingly more difficult to operate in secret and needs someone to help his public image. Samantha is surprised by this sudden offer, and Ulysses tells her to think it over, telling her to meet him in New York in the next two days. While Brad begins repairs on their headquarters, Ulysses suddenly decides to go to his meditation chambers. Brad can't help but notice that something is bothering his employer. While at a hospital in New York City, the NYPD try to figure out the why Killer Shrike was delivered anonymously. With crime evident, the officers can't even remove his mask and wait impatiently for the mercenary to come out of his coma.

Meanwhile, Bloodstone enters into a deep meditative trance and suddenly finds himself pulled into the Bloodstone that is embedded in his chest. There he is shown fragments of his past and future including his old foe Ullyx'l as well as the members of the Conspiracy -- shrouded in cloaks -- appear before him. When he demands whoever is showing him all this to reveal themselves, a massive gem like sphere appears and introduces itself as the Exo-Mind, the consciousness of the Bloodstone. It explains that it was created by a race of gods from another dimension and sent to this world eons ago. who plotted to cross over into this dimension. However, the Exo-Mind has no interest in fulfilling its goals and wishes to make the odds far more interesting. Elsewhere in the facility, Brad is taking stock of the damage done, however, a sudden surge of energy disturbs his work. He rushes into the meditation room where he helps wake Bloodstone out of his trance. Ulysses explains his encounter with the Exo-Mind and tells Brad that he knows what the Conspiracy is planning to do and that they must now prepare for all out war.

That evening in Marseille, France, Samantha Eden has returned home and begins to contemplate Bloodstone's offer. However, no sooner is she in her apartment is she suddenly grabbed by a man with a gun. The strange man tells her that he wants to know everything she has on Ulysses Bloodstone and threatens to shoot her if she refuses.


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  • Features a Great Moments in Hulk History pinup which recounts the events of Avengers #1.
  • Also includes a Gallery of Villains section, featuring many of Hulk's past foes.

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The Other Side of Night!

Return from Oblivion!

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