Ramsey Kole was a talented dancer whose small stature held him back from being cast in shows. Desperate, he approached the scientist Bill Foster and asked if Foster would submit him to the growth formula he used to enhance his height and strength. As the formula was untested, however, Foster refused. Kole kicked Foster unconscious and drank down several beakers of solutions he found in Foster's lab in the hopes that one was the growth formula. He fled the scene, and was initially pleased to grow to six feet in height. He was distressed, however, to find that he continued to grow, to a height of 15' tall. However, because he'd mixed different substances together, although Kole's strength was also boosted, his musculature wasn't, giving him a long, spindly appearance. He bitterly regretted turning himself into a freak. Foster alerted the super-heroine Spider-Woman, and she agreed to track down Kole.[1]

Donning a top hat and tails and dubbing himself Daddy Longlegs, Kole invaded the stage of a packed theatre mid-performance and began dancing. When the audience started to laugh at his odd appearance, an enraged Kole prepared to attack them, but was interrupted by Spider-Woman, who led him out to the parking lot to fight. He proved to be a surprisingly able combatant, but when she broke his cane in half, he was distracted enough for the heroine to grab his hand and unleash a venom blast. The blast partially rebounded on her, but Spider-Woman recovered first and scaled Kole's body using her wall crawling power, and knocked him out. Binding him with a metal fence, Spider-Woman was surprised when Kole broke down, bemoaning both his now freakish appearance, and his former life as a failed dancer. While Spider-Woman debated with herself whether to turn him over to the police, a psychiatric hospital, or Bill Foster, Kole was abducted by the criminal the Locksmith, who aimed to imprison all of the San Francisco area's superhumans.[1]

Daddy Longlegs was imprisoned in the fetal position, unable to move and feeling sorry for himself. When Spider-Woman was also captured and imprisoned however, she broke all of the prisoners out, including Kole, with the help of the villainess the Gypsy Moth. After their escape, Spider-Woman invited all of the freed prisoners back to her apartment, including Kole.[2]

Spider-Woman was abducted by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, and the freed individuals had their memories altered so they remembered nothing about Spider-Woman.[3]

Soon after, Kole approached the criminal scientist Doctor Karl Malus for help. Malus restored Kole to his normal height, but took samples from Kole and used them to transform Erik Josten into Goliath.[4]

Kole's current whereabouts are unknown.


Kole's strength was boosted to superhuman levels.


Kole is a trained dancer, with great agility and speed. His long reach, dancing ability and narrow frame made him a difficult target to hit in battle.

Strength level

Kole's strength was boosted to superhuman levels, enabling him to lift up to 10 tons.


Kole carried a steel cane with a sharp end that he used as a weapon.

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