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Rana Philips

Private Rana Philips, is an Abomination/human experiment, similar to the orginal Gamma Corps member Mess. Philips was a more slender female version of the original Abomination.

Private Philips was imprisoned as her commanding officer used her as a scapegoat as he tortured prisoners, leading her to kill him. Private Philips was sentenced to death, leaving her nothing to loose being altered by Ryker's experiment. [1]

Her first mission with Gamma Corps: Black was to apprehend Lyra and Boudicca. After taking over a small desert town in california and being badly wounded by Lyra, her body began to mutate into a tumorous mass which Lyra then killed by shoving a massive pipe into her head [2]


Seemingly those of Emil Blonsky of Earth-616 at an unknown extent.

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