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Ranark was a shaman long ago who craved power. To ehance his already powerful magickal skills, he made a deal with dark forces to enhance his power. He began a reign of terror over his people. It was only when a gathering of many other shamans worked together to seal him in an urn that he was stopped. The urn was placed in a secret cavern with many other powerful items and the cave was sealed. A great deal of time passed and the cave was finally discovered again by Shaman. Ranark's power was sufficient to control Shaman and force him to open the urn, freeing his spirit.

Ranark, thus freed, began to explore his newfound world and didn't find it to his liking. He considered himself a god and attempted to subjugate the populace of Edmonton through fear. Shaman along with Sasquatch, Vindicator, Aurora, Northstar (thought a little reluctantly) and the Thing all faced off against Ranark. They were finally able to defeat him after the Thing and Sasquatch knocked him unconscious and Shaman contained his power.

Taking up residence in a cave full of the skeletons of former shamans, Ranark was approached by Vindicator when she sought to recruit enemies of Alpha Flight for her Department H-backed team, Alpha Strike.[1]

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Ranark was a powerful shaman who delved into the darker powers and thus increased his powers to an enormous extent.

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