Live Wire was a minion of Psycho-Man along with Ivan Karlovich and Shellsock; Psycho-Man kept them under control using his Control-Box. Psycho-Man intended them to guard his secret base in the Caribbean Sea, but the trio was defeated by the invading Inhumans and Black Panther: Although Live Wire ensnared Medusa, he could not prevent hyper-accurate Karnak from dodging his wire lasso and knock Live Wire down.[1]

Live Wire then joined the Circus of Crime[2]. He has shown a preference to impress opponents with his skills before really attacking them.

Live Wire was apparently eaten by accident by Princess Python's pet snake while battling John Steele.


Extremely experienced in the use of his lasso.

Strength level

Live Wire possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


  • Isolating gloves and clothes to protect him against electricity to a certain extent.


  • Electro-Lasso: This lasso is electrified and damages anything it touches, specially if it is tightened around a target - in this case, the target can be stunned. Live Wire's clothes and gloves protect him against this amount of electricity.

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