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Quote1.png The sky goes red as a troupe of marionettes is pulled off the stage. And through it all, father's watching me. With those crazy eyes. I couldn't bring myself to repair Rand Tower. Engineers declared it structurally sound enough to keep standing. Maybe one day I'll be ready to bring it down. But for now... I'll leave it alone a little while longer. A reminder of-- Quote2.png
Danny Rand[src]


The Rand Building is home to the Rand Corporation.

Spider-Man rescued a jumper from the top of the Rand Building.[1]

Some time later, Daniel Rand rejected a trading offer from Wai-Go Industries representatives.[2]
The next day, Jeryn Hogarth informed Daniel that Wai-Go was starting a hostile takeover of his company.[3]
Daniel then met Orson Randall in front of the Rand Building.[4] In an effort to save the company, Jeryn later contacted Mr. Xao and eventually accepted his offer.[5]
After Hydra kidnapped his mother, Jeryn then called the Heroes for Hire and asked them to help him.[6] Absorbing Orson's chi, Daniel eventually confronted Davos and defeated him.[7]

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