Randall was a mutant with an uncontrollable ability to hear the thoughts of others. His power driving him insane, he was consigned to a mental hospital for treatment, in which he began ranting about various United Stated government secrets. SHIELD sent Captain America undercover in the hospital to investigate him.

It transpired that the Chameleon was also searching for Jefferson, in hopes of using the secrets he uncontrollably spoke of for espionage purposes. The Chameleon captured Jefferson and attempted to escape with him by helicopter, but Captain America pursued and defeated him. Steve turned Randall in to SHIELD and explained that he was not a security risk, simply an uncontrollable telepath who had been hearing the thoughts of SHIELD's ESPer network. Steve expressed hope that Randall could even join it himself some day, once he got his powers under control.


Randall was a powerful yet uncontrollable telepath whose mind automatically processed the thoughts of all others in his vicinity.

Randall is the man on the right in the above picture. On the left is the Chameleon, impersonating him.

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