Randall Spector (Earth-616)

Randall Spector was a mercenary like his brother, but betrayed him and killed Lisa, Marc's then girlfriend, in Italy. Marc Spector then hunted Randall down, chasing his brother for two days and two nights until he lobbed a grenade at him, which mangled and almost killed him. When he recovered Randall killed a nurse, then began a killing spree as a serial killer who preyed on nurses. Later, Randall, after being dubbed the Hatchet-Man would be confronted by Marc,[2] and while they were fighting near a cave he lunged and was knocked into and impaled on a tree.[3] However, this was later revealed to have been an impostor,[4] as Randall returned as a member of the Cult of Khonshu, having been mystically enhanced with impenetrable skin and super-human strength by Princess Nepthys.[5] Later during the Shadowland story line, Randall is convinced by The Profile, that he is the new avatar of Knonshu and dubs himself Shadowknight. He attacks Moon Knights pregnant girlfriend Marlene and causes a miscarriage. The brothers are confronted again in New Orleans looking for the Sapphire Crescent. Randall straps a bomb to himself and threatens to kill his hostages, but Moon Knight then throws the Sapphire Crescent--slicing Randall's throat.[6]


Nepthys' "lunar treatments" granted him superhuman strength and external durability, though his internal organs remained at normal human levels.


Randall Spector possessed extensive training in espionage and military combat tactics; however he was barely able to access these skills after becoming insane.


As the Hatchet-Man, he used an off-the-shelf Halloween mask to hide his face.[2]

As Shadowknight, he wore Kevlar body armor for further protection.


Wooden-handled hatchet.

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