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Early Life

Randall "Rand" Spector was the son of Rabbi Elias Spector, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He and his older brother Marc were close as children, but Rand resented Marc, who seemed superior to him in every competition. Marc protected his brother from anti-Semitic bullies at school.[4] Once grown, the two both joined the US Military and later became mercenaries. Except in various assignments for the CIA, the two brothers worked side by side on missions.[4] During an assignment gunrunning in Italy, Rand intended to sell out his opposition. He killed Lisa Maloney, a woman who Marc was involved with and before she died, he told Marc of Rand's betrayal. He hunted Rand down, chasing his brother for two days and two nights until he lobbed a grenade at him, which mangled and almost killed him.[1]

Moon Knight

When Randall recovered, now with a broken mind, he began a spree as a serial killer who preyed on nurses.[1] He went back to work and on another assignment in Egypt, working for a group of rebels on the border with Sudan, not knowing brother Marc was with in the group and ended up getting shot and being left for dead among the rest swearing vengeance against Marc and Bushman.[5] After his group battled his brother and his team was left for dead, he tracked his group to the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti. He arrived just as his brother had been killed and then was restored to life by the Statue of Khonshu to become the deity's avatar of vengeance: Moon Knight. Rand explored the tomb and discovered a parchment in a hidden room which purported to the will of Khonshu. The document claimed there were two Khonshus and that one gained the power by slaying the other. Rand saw a similarity to the relationship depicted and to what he had as his brother: thus, Randall was inspired to take his brother's title away from him.[6]


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Rand brought the parchments to his fellow CIA agent Sandahl Swarn who had been involved in the CIA Operation: Cobra in order to behaviour condition agents. She stole technology to begin a scheme around taking on the alias of Nepthys after the goddess. Nepthys brainwashed a man into believing he was Randall and gave him plastic surgery to resemble him. By twisting his mind, he became the Hatchet-Man[7] and was sent out into Manhattan to kill nurses with a hatchet mimicking Randall. The imposter nearly claimed Marlene, Marc's girlfriend, as well when she masqueraded as a nurse to draw him out. He confronted his "brother" and while they were fighting near a cave he lunged and was knocked into and impaled on a tree. Marc believed his brother was truly dead.[8]

Cult of Khonshu

For a while he watched his brother from the shadows.[9] When the moon and stars were finally aligned, as was described in the parchment, Rand and Nepthys struck at Moon Knight themselves, to which they recruited the Cult of Khonshu. It was revealed former Egyptian criminal Plasma was sent by them.[10] Rand destroyed the Moon Knight's manor home and sent a fake Hatchet-Man to attack Marlene. During the attack, Marc's friend Frenchie was crippled in the process. Randall obtained A.I.M. technology which granted him superhuman powers like his brother. However the Punisher picked up A.I.M.'s trail and helped Moon Knight track down Randall and Nepthys.[11] They used technology to turn him into the Shadow Knight, a dark duplicate of the Moon Knight, but the hunted down Moon Knight and the Punisher killed Nepthys.[5] Rand's mental state continued to degrade and he resumed the Hatchet-Man serial killings of the imposter he created, targeting more nurses in the process until he was finally killed by the Punisher.[12] But he was later resurrected, serving the Hellbent and assumed the guise of Night Shadow.[2]


Years later, Randall attempted to commit suicide but was saved by The Profile working for The Hand, and was convinced that he was the new avatar of Khonshu. Randall dubbed himself Shadowknight and attempted to get Marc's attention. First, he carried out a string of murders for Moon Knight to find him. He then attacked Moon Knight's pregnant girlfriend, Marlene, and caused a miscarriage. Marc then chased Randall to New Orleans, while Randall was looking for the Sapphire Crescent. He unmasked Shadowknight and discovered that it really was Randall, whom he thought had been killed by Punisher. Randall then managed to escape while Marc was still in shock and acquired the crescent. Meanwhile, Marc made a deal with Khonshu that he would be empowered if he killed for Khonshu. Marc found Randall and took the crescent from him and also managed to defeat Randall. However, many innocents in the crowd were killed and all of Marc's weapons had been discarded or broken. Randall strapped a bomb to himself and threatened to destroy the block and kill even more innocents, but Moon Knight, out of options, threw the Sapphire Crescent at his throat before he could pull the trigger, cutting Randall's magically enhanced skin and killing him, just as Marc promised Khonshu he would.[13]


Power Grid[15]
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Nepthys' "lunar treatments" granted him superhuman strength and external durability, though his internal organs remained at normal human levels.


Randall Spector possessed extensive training in espionage and military combat tactics; however he was barely able to access these skills after becoming insane.



As the Hatchet-Man, he used an off-the-shelf Halloween mask to hide his face.[1]

As Shadowknight, he wore Kevlar body armor for further protection.


Wooden-handled hatchet.

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