Professor Randolph James

Randolph James was a former colleague of Reed Richards who was transformed into a powerful superhuman being. Randolph was assaulted outside his home, and suffered injuries that jeopardized his life. In order to speed up his natural recuperation powers, Randolph used an evolution accelerator on himself. Instead of healing him it evolved him into a superhuman being with God-like powers - the Futurist.[1] Unfamiliar with his powers, he was manipulated by Blastaar to oppose the Fantastic Four but, as soon as he could see through it and the menace was finished, the Futurist decided to leave Earth instead of following Richards' advice to look for a way to de-evolve.[2]

The Futurist was then captured by the enigmatic alien, the Stranger, and was imprisoned in the Stranger's Labworld for the alien to study him. He remained there until freed by Overmind.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[6]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills1
* Lower intelligence pre-transformation; Capable of both teleportation and warp speed flight.


Telepathy Energy Blasts: The Futurist emitted an energy blast that was able to penetrate the Invisible Woman's force field.[4] Flight Transmogrification: The Futurist emitted a beam from his eyes that turned people into rodents, insects, and presumably other creatures.

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