Randy Robertson was the son of Joe "Robbie" Robertson, the city editor at the Daily Bugle. When he was a student at Empire State University, he became involved with group of student activists protesting the E.S.U.'s plans to turn an exhibition hall into a dorm for visiting alumni instead of living room for students. The group became caught up in a scheme by the Kingpin to steal the lifeline tablet that was foiled by Spider-Man.[citation needed]

He was a student friend of Peter Parker, as well as Josh Kittling, who were both fellow students at E.S.U.[citation needed]

His rebellious streak eventually faded, and after graduating from E.S.U. Randy pursued graduate studies in social work at Pittsburg State University, where he met and married fellow student Mandy Batavides, a Jewish woman. When Mandy received a job offer in California, the younger Robertson couple relocated to the West Coast, but various factors strained their marriage, and Randy returned to New York alone following their divorce.[citation needed]

He soon dated Norah and during New York outbreak he acquitted himself well against the Hobgoblin.


Briefly similar to Spider-Man along with launching needles from his arms.


Allergies: According to Norah Winters, Randy has an unusually high number of food allergies.[3]

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