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Raniero "Blackie" Drago was Adrian Toomes's prison cellmate. He tricked Toomes and stole the Vulture harness and costume which was recently rebuilt.[2] He used the suit to make money through air piracy which ended up in a three-way battle against Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter - Kraven resented Drago's claims that he'd recently killed Spider-Man when in fact Spidey had merely collapsed due to a cold, which Spider-Man won.[3] He later teamed up with Toomes when escaping from prison, but that was merely so that Toomes could prove himself the true Vulture once again. Once free, he was subsequently defeated and humiliated by Toomes who regained the recognition he deserved. A humbled Blackie was taken away by the police, vowing "I'm through!! I'll never put these wings on again!" He was recently seen in the same prison that Norman Osborn was incarcerated in during the "Sinister Twelve" storyline.[4]

Powers and Abilities

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Physical Strength

Human level without harness, 25 tons with his harness.



Vulture's Wings



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