Raphael-Raven Darkholme ("Mystiq") had a relationship with Destiny, and had a child with her. They were both killed in unknown circumstances and Raphael often went to their grave sites. On such an occasion, he was about to be attacked by soldiers when the Exiles' Sabretooth, who had been stranded on this Earth, saved his life. Saying he was in his debt, he joined the Exiles when they came to pick up their teammate.


Presumably Mystiq has the same shapeshifting abilities as his mainstream counterpart. This would grant him the following powers: Metamorph

Strength level

Normal human male, who can presumably enhance his physical attributes to superhuman levels.

  • In this reality Mystique is a man by the name of Raphael-Raven Darkholme. Much like the main Mystique he had a relationship with Destiny but due to his gender had a child with her, Claremont's original plan for Nightcrawler's origin. Also unlike every other version of this character, Raphael's natural form is completely human looking.

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