The Raptor Amulet allows the user transfer their consciousness into an alien android while at the same time, switch the robotic body's place with that of his own body wherever he is at any time. The user's body is teleported to Null Space.

While escaping from crimelord Phillipe Bazin teenager Christopher Powell discovered an amulet and used it to become the hero Darkhawk.


There were six amulets. Alien crime lord Dargin Bokk gathered together a group of six scientists and created five androids. The scientists rebelled against Bokk but most were defeated. Bokk used one of the amulets to become Evilhawk. One of the amulets came into the possession of an alien named Kistur. Kistur was killed by Charles Little Sky who stripped the armor off this Darkhawk body and became the hero Portal. Darkhawk's amulet was created on Earth at a later date than the original five by two of the scientists Byron and Mondu. Two of the original 5 Darkhawk bodies were merged with Kistur's corpse to create Overhawk.[1]


It is discovered that these events did not happen and most of these characters did not exist. Most were figments of Christopher Powell's imagination after being unable to deal with the influx of information from his armor's Datasong.[2] It is revealed that the amulets were created by the Shi'ar and are used by the Fraternity of Raptors, an ancient order charged with furthering the best interests of the Shi'ar Empire through means of kidnapping and assassinations.[3][4] The amulets are from the Tree of Shadows in the Null Space dimension. When a host is activated and becomes a Raptor his body is sent to a crystalline prison within the tree and a cybernetic Raptor takes his place. Christopher Powell was able to control his Raptor armor because the Shi'ar had not designed the amulets to work with humans. Hosts from older races like the Kree and Skrull could not exert any control of the Raptors as the Shi'ar had accounted for their genetics.


Darkhawk amulets come in different colors. Razor had a red amulet, Talon had a blue amulet, and Gyre had a green amulet.

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