Not much has been revealed regarding the history of the hero known as Rapunzel prior to her appearance as a member of the First Line during the 1980's. Since the animalistic First Line member Yeti was often soothed by Rapunzel's hair, the two formed an unlikely partnership. Rapunzel was killed in action under unrevealed circumstances before the end of the First Line.[1]


Hair Extension and Manipulation: Rapunzel possessed the ability to grow her hair to fantastic lengths and manipulate it for a variety of effects such as creating lassos and whips. The source or origin of this power remains unknown.

  • Enhanced Hair Durability: Her hair was good deal stronger than normal hair.
  • Mesmerization: Her hair had a slightly mesmerizing shine to it, which was often used to calm down Yeti when he went berserk.
  • Power Adaption: Due to her powers, she had gained increased neck and head muscles, giving her enhanced strength, endurance and stamina, this allowed her to use her powers with little to no discomfort when she suddenly grew her hair.


She could not shorten her hair once it had extended, and it had to be cut off. For this reason, she used wrist-mounted knives. This has caused her


Rapunzel wore wrist-mounted knives, though these were mainly to cut her hair.

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