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Norman Harold Osborn (Earth-616), Rascal (Symbiote) (Earth-616), Dylan Brock (Earth-616), and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Free Comic Book Day 2022 Spider-Man-Venom Vol 1 1 001

Bonded to Normie Osborn

Rascal is a symbiote that originated as an offshoot of Bedlam left in the care of Kang the Conqueror.[4] Sent to the 21st Century of Earth-616, it was hybridized with a sample of the Carnage symbiote,[3] and stolen by Dylan Brock and the Venom symbiote, who sundered it from the Hive Mind with All-Black. Offered to Normie Osborn as a means of enabling him to help Dylan rescue his father Eddie, Normie was initially horrified -- recalling his time bonded to the Carnage symbiote as the Goblin Childe, but bonded to it in order to help his friend, the symbiote transforming him into a red, white, and black version of the Red Goblin.[5]

As the Red Goblin, the symbiote assisted Normie and Dylan in their battle against Bedlam.[2] Setting out to fight crime as a superhero, Normie and Rascal encountered a resurgent Goblin Nation being led by the undead Goblin King Phil Urich, who had a grudge against Normie's grandfather Norman for murdering him as the original Red Goblin. Coming across some Goblin Nation thugs attacking a civilian, Normie and Rascal engaged them but were zapped by lightning from a Sparkle Gauntlet. Seizing control in a berserk rage, Rascal attempted to eat one of the Goblin Nation thugs but was distracted by a chocolate bar, enabling the thug to attack the Red Goblin with a Pumpkin Bombs and knock Normie unconscious. Puppeteering Normie's body, Rascal broke into a bodega and ate their entire stock of chocolate -- resulting in Normie being arrested by the police in the morning.

Scolding Rascal for assuming the form of the Red Goblin and causing trouble by robbing the bodega, Normie decided to leave it at the Osborn Manor while he went to attend the grand opening of Harold Osborn Addiction Treatment Center. When Normie refused to take it with him and threatened to return it to Dylan if it didn't start behaving itself, Rascal flew into a rage and attacked him. Rascal hid under his bed when Liz Allan came in to check on him, spending the rest of the evening sulking.[1]

After Normie's grandfather, Norman, was kidnapped by the Goblin Nation, Normie rebonded to Rascal in order to save him.[6] During the battle against the Goblin King and his goons, Rascal brought Normie into their shared mindscape and revealed to him that it behaved like a monster because it was simply bringing out its host's inner darkness. Concluding that he himself was a monster all along, Normie cut Rascal loose and they were able to overpower the Goblin Nation and bring Norman to a hospital. Depressed, Normie then met with a homeless woman and her dog named Trevor, and after being scared at the animal at first the woman explained that animals like Trevor were just misunderstood creatures that needed training, which helped Normie better understand his relationship with Rascal.[7]

Norman, having figured out that his grandson was bonded to a symbiote, confronted Normie in his office at Oscorp and convinced him to go inside a machinery to remove the symbiote from his body, saying that it was too dangerous for him. However, after Rascal was removed from Normie, Norman quickly got his grandson out and left the symbiote inside the machine, intending to kill it. At this point, a security guard who'd been blackmailed by the Hammerhead into stealing to Norman's Goblin Armor and Glider disabled the building's electrical system, allowing Rascal to get free and attack Norman. The two crashed through a window and began falling, attempting to kill each other. However, sensing that Normie was in danger, Rascal bonded to Norman and climbed back to the room where the hapless guard -- who'd donned the Goblin armor and was struggling to control it -- accidentally set off small bombs. Rascal devoured the bombs and absorbed the blast, taking advantage of Norman's Goblin Serum making it fireproof, before returning to Normie. Normie told Norman that Rascal was unlike Carnage and wouldn't allow his grandfather to harm it.[8]

Some time later, Normie and his symbiote confronted Meridius and his team of Kings in Black alongside Dylan and Venom, Bren Waters and Toxin, Flash Thompson and Anti-Venom, Lee Price, and Flexo the Rubber Man.[5]


A newborn symbiote, Rascal is described by Normie Osborn as being like a puppy. Lacking a connection to the Symbiote Hive-Mind, it is inquisitive, naive, easily-distracted, and prone to lashing out in feral rages that Normie dubs "Goblin Mode" -- wherein it assumes a monstrous appearance similar to Norman Osborn's Red Goblin form. Much like the Venom symbiote, Rascal enjoys eating chocolate and is easily distracted by it.[1]

During the battle against the Goblin Nation, Normie realized that Rascal behaved like a monster because it was simply bringing out its host's deepest and darkest desires which Normie had kept suppressed. Normie was able to unite with his symbiote only after finally letting himself loose and acting on those desires, before eventually regaining control.[7]



Seemingly those of the Carnage symbiote while bonded to Norman Osborn


  • Fire and Sonics: Unlike the Carnage symbiote when it was bonded to Norman Osborn,[9] Rascal is still vulnerable to traditional symbiote weaknesses.[1]
  • Incomplete Bond: Rascal's bond to Normie Osborn is incomplete, leaving it prone to lashing out.[1]



  • In addition to its fangs, claws, and tail, the symbiote is able to shapeshift, letting it transform its host's limbs into bladed weaponry.


  • "Anti-Carnage" was used as an unofficial placeholder name for the symbiote on the Marvel Database prior to the reveal of its canon name; coincidentally, the same name is mentioned as a joke in Damage Control (Vol. 4) #2. An actual Anti-Venom/Carnage symbiote hybrid, Misery, later debuted in Cult of Carnage: Misery #1.
  • Rascal was colored red, white, and black in Venom (Vol. 5), which -- coupled with it being stored in a vitrine -- implied it had a connection to Alchemax's Anti-Venom experiments, but is colored red and black in Red Goblin.
  • Interviews with the writing team of Red Goblin state that Rascal is a spawn of the Carnage symbiote.[10] The introduction for Venom (Vol. 5) #16 says Rascal originated as a piece of Bedlam's symbiote severed by Dylan Brock using All-Black during their fight, though this does not make sense as Normie had received the Rascal symbiote before Dylan's fight with Bedlam began.[2] A later issue revealed the sample that produced Rascal was actually given by Bedlam to Kang the Conqueror at the behest of Meridius. Red Goblin #5 later revealed that Rascal is a "symbiote cocktail" partially comprised of a sample of the Carnage symbiote, possibly as a result of Alchemax's experiments with symbiotes.[11]


  • Rascal's Goblin Mode is a reference to the famous meme of the same name wherein a person would act like a wild animal without a care about their image.

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