Rashid was an accountant Black Widow helped esape from Pakistan. During his escape, his face was scarred by an arrow of Hawkeye, who was trying to prevent Rashid from getting away.

Years later, Rashid kidnapped Black Widow's ally Isaiah Ross, on behalf of an organization called Chaos, in order to get to her.[1] Rashid lurked Black Widow to a casino in Macau, but failed to kill her due to her being helped by X-23. He fell from an helicopter whilst trying to escape into a pool.

He was mentioned to have survived by Chaos, but now with an asset on his trial.[2] In order to compensate for his failure, Rashid tried to kill Ross once again, but he survived.[3] As he was trying to leave the US, Rashid was found by Natasha, who interrogated him under the disguise of a Chaos member. After retrieving useful information from him, Black Widow killed Rashid.[4]

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