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Rasputin IV was a member of the X-Men led Apocalypse and one of the few remaining mutants that inhabited the last stronghold of the Krakoan settlement of Asteroid K. Led by Apocalypse, the X-Men embarked on a mission to learn the true origins of Nimrod. Rasputin and Cardinal managed to retrieve an index key containing the location of the information they sought, though at the cost of Cylobel and Percival's lives. [1]

With the key decoded, the X-Men embarked on their final mission; retrieving the information they needed. They chose a two-pronged attack, with Xorn, Rasputin, North and Cardinal attacking the Church of Ascendency as a distraction, while Apocalypse led Wolverine and Krakoa into the machine database to retrieve the information they needed. After taking out the human slaves, Rasputin and the others were immediately surrounded by Omega Sentinel and an armada of large Sentinels. Xorn was critically injured leaving him and Rasputin alone after Cardinal was killed. Rasputin threatened to take off Xorn's helmet to expose Omega Sentinel to the singularity in his head but this did not deter her from backing down. Xorn expressed that this was the ending he always expected so he had Rasputin remove his mask opening a huge black hole which pulled in everyone and everything in the immediate vicinity, destroying and killing Xorn and the others in the process.[2]



Seemingly those of the Quentin Quire, those of the Piotr Rasputin, those of the Gunther Bain, those of the Kitty Pryde, and those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.[3]




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