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Rat of 12 Plagues was the champion of the House of the Rat as part of the Trial of the Seven Masters established by The Council of Liu-Shi to steal the chi of the Iron Fist to take over and reestablish K'un-Lun in their own image. Rat was once a child whose village was invaded and attacked by English soldiers. The soldiers slaughtered every last person in the village except for Rat, who hid and survived by consuming the dead flesh of his fellow villagers. Rat learned to become one with the diseases brought by the corpses of the villagers and was later taught martial arts by Master Yue of the House of Rat to become its champion. Rat later fought Danny Rand on behalf of the House of Rat and was defeated, but was left alone due to his chi being poisonous in nature.[1]



  • Chi Manipulation: Rat can manipulate his chi to enhance his body and deal out powerful strikes and control the rats of his domain. Rat could also use his chi to poison others, painfully infecting them with single strikes to prevent them from moving and killing them.


  • Master Martial Artist: Rat is a masterfully skilled martial artist, being able to kill any who invaded his village.

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