A long forgotten Shi'ar god perceived to be a predatory antithesis to the enigmatic and ever living Phoenix Force, while the entity was lost to the anneals of history. A secretive sect within the imperium retained an ancestral memory of their lost deity due to having been modeled after, and designed to act as vessels for it; The Fraternity of Raptors.[1]

Upon his release from Null Space, Gyre of the Raptor's sought to use this entity in order to destroy Earth, as the datasong of his collective forewarned him of the threat it poses to their plans of universal conquest. To that end he initiated a ritualistic offering on the abandoned outpost of Centauri-IV, home to the sacrificial alter which paid tribute to the enclaves lost idol. For it to take effect a duel sacrament was required to awaken him; one willing, that being the brainwashed Talon-R of the disposed Raptor Fraternity to act as Ratha'kon's host. Finally, one forced which pertained to Darkhawk as Gyre needed his Raptor Amulet as a focusing point to channel the entity.[1]

Upon completion of this blood offering Gyre transplanted the gem freshly ripped from Powell's being into Robbie, creating an entity he believes to be more powerful than the Phoenix itself. The union of said beings came to be called the Dark Starhawk, and with this new entity as their ultimate weapon. Gyre and the Raptor's strode off towards their desired target.[1]

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