Rathcone was a Nazi operative operating in the United States during the 1940's. Stationed from his secret hideout plotting the death of different prominent military officials in the United States. He would plot these murders using a chess-board with pieces designed like his various potential targets. Once he had decided who would be his next victim, ordering his minions to go out and eliminate them. In order to protect himself, Rathcone kept himself segregated from his minions to keep his true appearance secret.

While active, Rathcone's minions would slay Admiral Perkins before his appearance at a military lecture, leaving his corpse on stage for the gathered soldiers to find. This would get Captain America and Bucky investigating. Chasing Perkins killer, they would fail to get information out of him after he was fatally shot be an unseen gunman. The next victim would be General Ellsworth, who would be killed while staying at Camp Lehigh even though Steve Rogers would be charged with protecting him. Before sending orders for a full out attack on American soil, Rathcone would seek to eliminate Captain America and Bucky.

Somehow deducing Captain America and Bucky's true identities, Rathcone would send one of his men to capture Bucky from Camp Lehigh to force Captain America to come to the boys aid. Captain America would go to Bucky's aid, easily defeating the crippled Rathcone and his minions.[1]


Rathcone required a cane to walk. He had little to no fighting skills as he left the fighting to his minions.


Rathcone used a personalized chessboard with pieces carved to look like his targets. This chessboard had no special properties.


Rathcone was armed with a pistol and used his cane as a weapon.

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