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Rathia was an Atlantean living in the Baltic Sea, and was the princess of the Balticans.[2] After her own home had been damaged by surface-dweller infighting as part of World War II, she convinced the Sub-Mariner to unite all the other undersea societies to attack the surface world after Atlantis was damaged as well during the ongoing sea battles. She played on Namor's desire to be feared and respected with ideas that he would become even more powerful than Napoleon. She acted as his advisor, continuing to trump up his delusions of grandeur and influencing his decision with her female charm.[3]

After launching an all out assault on the surface world with mobile units, turbine powered flooding machines and other devices to destabilize the surface world, the Sub-Mariner would be opposed by his sometime ally the Human Torch and his partner Toro. When the Sub-Mariner would capture the two, Rathia would suggest that Toro be placed in a room filled with water and the Torch have his will subverted with drugged food in order to turn him into a weapon they could use.[4]

Eventually, the Torch would snap free of this mind control and would convince the Sub-Mariner that his dreams of conquest were foolish and that he was being manipulated by Rathia who just wished to obtain power by any means possible. The Torch and Sub-Mariner would then work together in dismantling the undersea army and forcing Rathia to surrender over to Namor.[5]

Her subsequent fate is unrevealed.





Rathia had her own personal hand weapon. It's properties are unknown, however it's likely a steam-gun commonly used by Atlanteans during the 1940s.


  • Rathia appears to be an Atlantean, given her physical features (similar to Namor's mother's).[6] However she was mentioned as being princess of the "Balticans".[2] It remains unclear whether the Balticans are Atlanteans of another nation, a race of Atlanteans, or another species altogether.

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