The criminal known as Ratoga was a member of the "Gold Leechers", a criminal gang seeking to steal the entire world's supply of gold during the 1940s. To this end, they hoped to push the world into a second depression by throwing the economy into disarray in order to take control of the world. When the hero Red Raven slew their leader Zeelmo, Ratoga took his place.

Upon learning that the Red Raven had a device that allowed him to track gold, Ratoga had his men capture the hero. They then attempted to kill him in the "Vibrato-Machine"; however, the hero surviveed this attempt on his life. Using his "gold detector", he then caused the gold to increase in weight, burying Ratoga and his men in their stolen loot, causing them to suffocate.[1]


Like his predecessor Zeelmo, Ratoga possessed a “gazegrapho” machine that allowed him to keep abreast of the outside world by somehow receiving audio-visual footage from great distances.

He also possessed a similar device, the “futurescope”, which supposedly projected images of the future onto a movie screen to display his plans, although whether this truly showed images of the future or was simply a melodramatic movie projector showing a propaganda film is unclear.


Ratoga used the “vibrato machine” as a means of either torture or execution. It consisted of a large, hollow cylinder that was spun at high speeds, crushing anyone locked inside of it with centrifugal force.

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