The being now known only as Rattack was a Secret Service agent posted in Washington, D.C., when the second Martian attack struck Earth in 2001. When humans attempted to use biological weapons against the Martians, the agent fled to the secure tunnels beneath the White House, but was too late to escape exposure to the mutagenic gases. With time, Rattack came to resemble the rats that surrounded him, and his memories became hazy (although they were partially maintained by films, including security footage of himself in action). Forgetting most details of his past before the attack, he began to call himself Rattack, and had some ability to commune with and control the large, mutated rats around him. When the Martian High Overlord captured Killraven, the Overlord sought to make an example of him by feeding him to the rats beneath Washington. His experiences were broadcast worldwide via the old human mural phonics system, an entertainment device that allowed the audience to see, hear, and experience the sensations of the subject. The High Overlord hoped that the feeling of being devoured along with their folkloric rebel-hero would crush what little remained of the human spirit, but the resistance was instead reinvigorated when Killraven broke free and slaughtered the rats. Rattack, who had not been involved in the attack on Killraven, found the bodies of his rat "comrades" and began a quest for revenge against the warrior. He tracked Killraven through the tunnel system until he caught the gladiator at the Lincoln Memorial slave market, where he became involved in a battle between Killraven and the High Overlord. The slaver Abraxas grabbed Rattack with his tentacles. Although Rattack was able to break free, the tentacles' suction cups ripped away large chunks of his flesh, and the hungry rats turned on him once they smelled blood. Rattack was devoured by the mutant rats.[1]


  • Rodent Control: Rattack could communicate with and control large, mutated rats.
  • Rodent Powers: Rattack had the proportionate strength and speed of a mutant rat.


Able to track people and animals by scent


Avoided confrontation, feared daylight

Similar Characters: Verminus Rex[[1]] and Rodent Strange Tales vol. 2#5(8/87)[[2]].

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