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The Ravagers were a gang of space pirates led by Lord Starkill from a hidden asteroid base.

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After Starkill returned to their asteroid base hideout after recovering the Reality Stone from Gaia, the Ravagers were attacked by the rival Zeta Flight led by Starkill's nemesis Corporal Carol Danvers. The Ravagers fought back and restrained the intruders, after which Lord Starkill thought of selling his nemesis and her crew to Thanos in order to clear his own name.[1] However the rest of the Ravagers found his plan extremely dangerous and foolhardy. The Zetas have grown tired of their leader Danvers acting weirdly as well and so the two group sided together in a shared mutiny against their captains, deciding to deliver both of them to Titan.[2]

Upon landing on Titan, they were taken by Thanos to the Court of Galactic Justice. Thanos found the lives of two criminals incapable of redemption worth nothing to hand over in exchange until Rockette revealed the Reality Stone taken from Lord Starkill. Thanos then ordered every pirate seized and announced his intention to use the Stone to rid of the galaxy of all who pirate and pillage like they do. Upon hearing that, the pirates attacked Thanos' forces, helping their captains espace and also robbing the treasury on their way back to the ship. As they loaded the loot onto the Milano, Rockette wondered whether the two groups have formally merged into one super villain group.[2]




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