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The Ravagers were a crew of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta. They first met Peter Quill when they found his ship stranded in space. Peter outsmarted the Ravagers until Yondu knocked him out. After being released from his restraints, Peter persuaded Yondu into letting him join up with the Ravagers. Yondu agreed and allowed him to be the Ravagers' cleaning boy.[1] After some time of janitor duties, Star-Lord was promoted to being a Ravager by Yondu.[2] The Ravagers later raided the Asterion One owned by NASA in an attempt to claim the ship's warp cores. During this time, Peter Quill left the Ravagers.[3]

Yondu Udonta and the Ravagers (Earth-616) from Star-Lord Vol 1 2 0001

Many years later, when the Earth became inaccessible due to Hydra's machinations involving the Planetary Defense Shield, the Guardians of the Galaxy travelled across the galaxy to find a way to disable it, among them was the now-adult Peter Quill, now going by the alias of Star-Lord. Peter reluctantly had Yondu paroled from prison to help his team navigate the Jojola Nebula, where they expected to find an abandoned planet brimming with abandoned Galactus technology and a device to disrupt the shield. Yondu double-crossed the Guardians and contacted the Ravagers, since he had originally planned to return to Jojola with them and ransack the technology before being arrested. The Guardians managed to subdue Yondu and the Ravagers, and arrested them.[4]

Some time later, the Ravagers had become a smaller band of mercenaries. Its ranks were comprised of Ora, Torgo, Pip the Troll, Cammi, Planet Terry, and Sera. The Ravagers became involved with a group of refugees from an alien species that possessed the natural ability to turn their prayers into diamonds, helping them move from planet to planet avoiding Chargazel's Raiders. They eventually settled on Ego the Living Planet after Yondu made a deal with him.

The Ravagers encountered the Asgardians of the Galaxy after Kid Loki teleported them to their location since Angela was on the search for Sera. Their meeting was interrupted by an attack of the Raiders,[5] who had also set up a device on Ego's moon Alter Ego to force him to create environmental hazards on his surface. After Angela had this device disabled, the Raiders escaped. The Ravagers and the Asgardians parted ways; the Ravagers remaining in Ego while the Asgardians continued their way.[6]

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