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Quote1 Cannot stop now. I've carried this fire so long, killed so many in its name. No, in my name. The fires of Mystique...will outburn them all. Quote2
Dark Phoenix[src]


Mystique's history seemingly mirrors her mainstream counterpart's history up to the point King Loki completely wiped out humankind to make his brother Thor suffer.[7]

Raven Darkhölme (Earth-14412), Phoenix Force (Earth-14412) and James Howlett (Earth-14412) from Avengers Forever Vol 2 13 001

Mystique becomes the Dark Phoenix

Mystique apparently survived the end of the world and ended her eons-long animosity with Logan by shooting him with a Phoenix Gun, taking the Phoenix Force from him, and scattering his body parts throughout the Multiverse.[3] Her villainous deeds as Dark Phoenix led her to be recruited into the Multiversal Masters of Evil.[1]

The Masters of Evil went from reality to reality, slaughtering the Earth's prehistoric heroes to end the Age of Heroes in its infancy. When Avenger Prime's Deathloks tried to interfere, the Masters of Evil began slaughtering them as well.[8] Due to a condition from the Council of Red, they were not allowed to touch Earth-616's prehistory until the very end, but they briefly entered Earth-616's modern era to hunt the Deathloks taking refuge there. She and her Berserkers went to Asgard, mocking Phoenix (Echo) and teasing Thor of his Phoenix heritage.[9]

After the Masters of Evil were done with the other Earths,[10] they began their attack on Earth-616's prehistory.[11] Earth-616's prehistoric Avengers and time-travelling modern Avengers teamed up against them. The battle lasted nine days and most of the Masters of Evil were killed or defeated, except the leader Doom Supreme who had abandoned them. Dark Phoenix fled and realized that Doom Supreme was just using them.[12] She went to the God Quarry to attack him but reconciled after a sudden kiss. However, Dark Phoenix Mystique was disposed of when Firehair entered the battle and joined forces with Thor and the other Phoenixes. She was then killed by the Phoenixes, falling into the flood of the First Firmament.[13][6]



Raven Darkhölme (Earth-14412) and Thor Odinson (Earth-83466) from Avengers Vol 8 51 001

Transformed state with a corrupted Berserker Thor

Seemingly those of Mystique of Earth-616, as well as those provided by the Phoenix Force of Earth-616.

  • Telepathy: Dark Phoenix telepathically froze all of Asgard, except the Avengers who were mentally shielded.[4]
  • Corruption: Dark Phoenix can corrupt and enslave others into her pet Berserkers, notably an alternate Wolverine and Thor. According to her, they are enslaved forever; Phoenix (Echo) was unable to free the Wolverine.[4] Dark Phoenix corrupted the Thor thanks to his connection to the Phoenix.[5]




  • Dark Phoenix's mask resembles the one worn by Destiny, Mystique's wife.
  • Dark Phoenix can control her Berserker Thor's Mjolnir, though the Mjolnir is notably corrupted.[5]
  • Mystique still remembers how she first met Logan in 1921, Mexico.[3][14]

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